30 in 30 & chocolate or vanilla?

One month ago today Robert and I returned from a visit to Europe where I was entranced by the many techniques of French pattiserie.
Many of these techniques require patience and skill, something I’m not generally known for in my cooking. You want tasty food? Can do, that’s right up my alley, however if you want pretty then I generally rely on Robert’s attention to detail and steady hand to take over the reigns.
So I came back determined to learn the skills needed to create the masterpieces I saw at Pierre Herme, Laduree and Fauchon.
That is not to say this blog will only be about sweet things and complicated desserts. In fact I’ll be starting out with things I know, things like chocolate cake, cotolette & marinated fetta. I want to share with you images our vegetable and herb gardens, our family gatherings and my adventures in learning how to take photos of food.
There’s nothing like diving in the deep end, so as our literary inclined friends begin NaNoWriMo I’ll begin a 30in30 for NaBloPoMo. I know I’m insane, 1 post a day, for 30 days with a blog that hasn’t yet decided if it’s chocolate or vanilla!
I hope you’ll join me on this insane journey, I’d love to catch up with you on twitter as well, just look for me at www.twitter.com/petitdelice
One last thing before I go, can you help my blog make up it’s mind; Chocolate or vanilla?
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